Little Plum Photography is based in Los Angeles and we are two moms, Stephanie and Heather, who love photography and are passionate about capturing life’s most precious moments. We specialize in shooting with natural light and in a documentary style for pregnancy, labor and birth, newborns, children and any other time you would love to have memories captured that will last a lifetime.

Stephanie Entin

I am a mom to two beautiful daughters who inspire me every day. I love being creative and photography moves me in a very emotional way. I love the fact that I get the opportunity to be able to share that as a gift to others. My love and interest for photography began on my first trip to Europe when I was 13. I had the opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful landscapes and places, including the Swiss Alps, Rhine River, Buckingham Palace and Notre Dame. I was hooked. I joined the yearbook staff as photographer and sports editor and learned how to develop film into photos the old fashioned way…in the dark room. I guess you could say photography has always been a secret passion of mine, not really realizing I could turn it into a profession one day.

I became a birth photographer because I love birth! have been a doula since 2004 and love, love, love being a part of such an incredibly intimate, profound moment with a woman as she gives birth and being able to make a difference. A couple of years ago, while attending births as a doula, I began to pay more particular attention to shooting pictures during the birth. I was often asked as the doula, to take some pictures, which can be tricky if you are busy supporting the mom and concentrating on helping her through the labor and birth. I started paying attention to the angle of the camera, the lighting, making sure I got the right moments, those unforgettable moments.

The last couple of years have brought profound changes in my life. They caused me to take a deep, long look inside myself and at my life and how I could completely recreate it and live each day doing things I love, am passionate about and that make a difference for my family and for others. I chose to combine my experience and passion for birth as a doula and mom and my love for photography into a career. Ā Little Plum Photography was created from this and my intention is to create happiness and life-long memories for every one I photograph.

A few other things to know about me: I am a registered dietitian, actress and SAG-AFTRA member since 1998, prenatal yoga teacher, writer, love animals, am a great cook, love to travel, make jewelry, am from Oklahoma and love to sing in my car:)

Would love the opportunity to shoot pictures for you!

Namaste, Stephanie